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Wood Decking

There are lots of choices when it comes to decking materials. Plastics, composites, wood, concrete- and the list continues! With so many options out there, you may ask yourself, why wood decking? Wood decking is strong and durable, beautiful, easy to install and environmentally friendly. Read on to learn more and decide for yourself which decking material you prefer.

  • Cedar deck and hot tub
  • Cedar deck and hot tub
  • Cedar Pergola

Wood Decking Is Strong & Durable

When choosing decking materials, strength and durability are two of the most important factors. Wood decking can hold a great deal of weight without coming close to buckling. The enduring strength of wood means added safety and security.


Nothing compares to the natural beauty of wood decking. While plastic decking tries to mimic the look of wood decking, it simply doesn’t compare! Wood has a rustic, naturally beautiful look that no other material can replicate. Wood decking offers you the authentic elegance of the real deal. It blends into the landscape creating a relaxing and peaceful natural outdoor living environment. And over time, it ages gracefully with character that other building materials simply cannot duplicate.

Easy to Install

Wood decking is extremely easy to work with. It’s durable while still being lightweight for finished projects that are easy to install. Wood decking also doesn’t require any special tools. Because wood is easy to cut, saw and drill, special tools and equipment are not needed. In addition, the versatility of wood ensures that even the most complex designs are completely doable. It can bend and shape for a custom border if needed and is lightweight and easy to carry. Most contractors will agree that they love working with wood decking materials.

Environmentally Friendly

What could be greener than wood? Wood is a natural, renewable, non-toxic product that actually absorbs carbon dioxide. Wood is more sustainable than alternative materials manufactured from non-renewable, petroleum-based sources. Unlike plastic products which may produce pollution as a byproduct and often end up in landfills, wood can be recycled throughout its useful life. At the end of wood’s useful life, it will biodegrade and re-enter the earth from where it came, completing the life cycle. Plastics often don’t decompose and will remain in landfills indefinitely. 

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